A Name and Reputation You Can Count On

A global leader in extrusion systems, Wenger is also one of the world’s largest suppliers of dryers and dryer/coolers for the food and feed industries. Fact is, we’ve already delivered nearly 700 dryers to companies in more than 65 countries.

It all started back in 1935, when Joe and Louis Wenger developed a machine to coat forage products with molasses and formed the Wenger Mixer Company. In the 1950s, Wenger introduced the industry’s first horizontal dryer/cooler for drying the sticky pellets produced by the company’s high-molasses pellet mill, allowing them to be more easily bagged. Soon after came the company’s first extruder, which offered an even better way of producing feed pellets.

Today, Wenger is still the only company in the world that manufactures and warrants the entire feed/food production system, providing single-source responsibility for the complete process. And the Wenger name stands for a lot, including drying expertise backed by craftsmanship and forward-thinking design.

Market Leader or Custom Builder? . . . Both

Today, Wenger dryers are used around the globe to reduce the level of moisture in both natural and extruded products, allowing them to be packaged, stored, transported and/or used more easily and efficiently. However, you would never know that Wenger was one of the world’s largest suppliers of dryers and dryer/coolers for commercial applications from the customer’s perspective. From that angle, Wenger appears to be a custom builder.

Granted, Wenger offers horizontal dryers in a choice of series and models. Yet, every dryer we build is sized and designed for the customer’s specific product, process and capacity requirements. Every Wenger dryer/cooler is also pre-plumbed, pre-wired, pre-assembled and pre-tested in the factory to the extent possible.

These standard procedures not only save installation time, expense and effort, but reduce typical system start-up delays, freeing more time for operator training and fine tuning the overall production process.