Wenger's Enhanced Sanitary Dryer

Meeting the Industry Challenge of Sanitation

Sanitation has quickly become a worldwide common ground for the human and pet food industries. Heightened awareness of microbial growth, product cross-contamination, and loss of production time due to line inspection and cleaning equipment are the most recent obstacles pressing our industry. These sanitation concerns force producers to look beyond the standard equipment necessary to meet profitable capacities and efficiencies. Human and pet food industries are now forced to look into hygiene due to issues that threaten the every day procedures of their operation. Always striving to be a process partner, Wenger has listened.

Enhanced Sanitary Dryer Features

The Wenger dryer team spent a great amount of the last few years designing, fabricating, testing, and implementing countless ideas that directly address the field of sanitation. All of this effort was combined to create the next generation of drying technology – the Wenger Enhanced Sanitary Dryer.

The ingenuity behind the Enhanced Sanitary Dryer is its external access internal feature design. This includes elimination of virtually all flat internal surfaces. If a flat surface is an essential structural component of the dryer, then it is sloped to the degree necessary to prevent build up, or the surface is cleaned with process air or mechanical drives. The Enhanced Sanitary Dryer significantly reduces the accumulation of product fines and allows an abundance of access for cleaning or inspection to satisfy all individual client sanitation guidelines.

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